A good desk lamp should be able to obtain the perfect balance of function and form, and holds the necessary features that are best suited for your tasks. Ask yourself the following:

1. Where will I put the desk lamp?
This is actually something that might seem insignificant in the whole process but knowing this can greatly help you in buying lamps. If you know the exact place where you will position the desk lamp, you should be able to narrow down the specific qualities that you should be looking for in a desk lamp.

2. How will I use the desk lamp?
You have to know the specific function of the lamp. Will you use it to light your reading materials, to accent a piece of art, or merely for decorative lighting? This will help you figure out the specific needs and requirements that you are looking for in a lamp.

3. What is the current mood of your room?
Many people are into a desk lamps form and function way too much that they miss out in ensuring that their lamp will look good situated in a room and complements its existing color schemes and décor.

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